Social Media Publishing from the Newsroom

KnowledgeView & social media publishing

A number of Arab magazines, such as Sayidaty, the leading women magazine in the Arab World, part of the Saudi Research and Publishing Group (SRMG), have completed an ambitious Newsroom transformation program using Publish live from KnowledgeView, with publishing to paper, Web, iPad, mobile, and social media.

One challenge was to integrate the social media publishing with publishing to other platforms as a seamless operation from the Newsroom.

Ease of multi-publishing

The magazine’s editorial team worked closely with KnowledgeView’s consultants to improve the ‘Publish live Newsroom’ user experience and make it social media friendly like never before. Since the implementation of the new features to the multi-publishing operation, they are now able to effectively reach their audience on all the digital platforms and social media from its Newsroom. The same article with its pictures or videos can be published to different platforms on the go with great ease from the same article window. This includes publishing iPad and mobile Apps to social networks or YouTube.

Linking Social Media publishing to Web and mobile

Taking into account that one of the main purposes of social media posts is to increase website or Web-mobile visits, KnowledgeView was asked to make each item published to the website available in a shortened URL that can be seamlessly posted on the magazine’s twitter account or Facebook page, thus not only considerably easing the publishing process, but making one platform publishing supports the other. ‘The synergy between KnowledgeView’s consulting team and our clients' social media experts helped create an environment where social media is optimized and integrated seamlessly at the heart of their newsroom operation. We perceive social media as main platforms for magazines to maximize reach and revenues. Deploying special features with limited number of clicks to connect the newsroom to the social media platforms will give them a quick and efficient access to those gateways.” Dr. Ali Al Assam, CEO, KnowledgeView Ltd.